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Who are we?

The Spiritual Workers Association came out of the original campaign to try and prevent the Repeal of the Fraudulent Mediums Act. Once, of course, the CPR laws was introduced we quickly realised that, in fact, the Law changes were a GOOD thing and gives all Spiritual Workers and Spiritualistic Service Providers a level of credibility. We are now a legitimate business and are classed as traders, like any other trader or business.

Our aim became, and is still today, to offer membership support, advice and help to all our spiritual working members whilst offering the public a credible organisation which encourages them to use spiritualistic service providers they can trust and take what they do professionally.

To achieve this we offer our members, the public and government an organisation with benefits, self-regulation, policies and working practices that are representative of the majority of professional Spiritual Workers and the wider spiritualistic industry.

We offer our members a range of support services from signposting, legal and other advice and support as well as a website with information and download disclaimers, newsletters and updates on the law. We offer a range of member only services and discounts including, member’s breakdown cover, hospital cover, income protection cover and even dental cover.


Who are we here for?

The term 'Spiritual Worker' as far as the SWA is concerned applies to all persons who in any capacity, whether professionally or voluntarily, offer any kind of mediumistic, psychic, holistic, spiritual, therapeutic, complementary or esoteric services to the public.

Under the new law, the government classes those of us who charge or receive goods in exchange for services, including donations, as a Trader, in a sense a "worker" and we at the SWA, the Spiritual Workers Association, as a professional association and Guild want to ensure you have full representation as such.


Why should you join?

Our aim is to help you, the spiritual worker, to understand your rights and obligations and stay within the law. We encourage you to join the SWA Guild and become a full member and take advantage of the services we are offering. We will never tell you how to be spiritual but will always help you to be the best professional you can be.

But what is a guild? A guild is simply an association of craftsman in a particular trade, in our case, the spiritual trade. The earliest guilds were formed as fraternities of workers and that is what the SWA are trying to achieve, a Guild of Spiritual Workers. The SWA is first and foremost however not a trade but a "Professional Association".

As a Guild we are here to support, educate and help you. We intend to work closely with all government bodies to ensure we have the most up to date information and advice for you.

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